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Betting Advice – Horse Racing Dutching, Hedging, Arbs – Basics

[ad_1] Most gamblers appear to be aware of only win bets, and the other oddities such Placepots, forecasts, tricasts, multiple bets (these increase the bookies profits, why do you think they advertise them so much?), etc. Thanks to the betting exchanges, new gamblers now know about laying horses, but a lot of other forms of […]

Worming – Part 1

[ad_1] (As of the writing of this article, it has been rumored that laws are trying to be passed preventing the sale of over-the-counter wormers. Please watch for this in your country.) Apparently is has to do with the human consumption of horsemeat. I feel another article coming up about this. Worming One of the […]

A Surefire Horse Racing System For Beginner’s Luck and Betting on the Races

[ad_1] Anyone who gambles or places bets on horse races eventually learns about beginner’s luck. Beginner’s luck (BL) is the phenomena of beating the odds whenever you bet on a new game or go to the horse track for the first time. It is usually balanced off by that other natural law of gambling known […]

A Complete Guide To Self Storage

[ad_1] There are companies that offer storage spaces to be rented out to clients. These storage spaces are then used by the clients so they can store their belongings. This is the whole idea of self storage. These spaces can be rented out on a monthly or yearly basis. The target market is those who […]

Important Pros and Cons of Self Storage

[ad_1] Self storage continues to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Storage units are fairly affordable and allow you to free up room in your home and reduce clutter, store business supplies and inventory, clear out a room for out-of-town guests or store valuables that you want to pass on. You can keep almost […]

5 Best Places to Go Hiking Near Portland, Oregon

[ad_1] Have you visited Portland before? Or are you looking for hiking locations in Portland? Few urban cities in America have stately green spaces, giving sightseers views that are remote and quiet within the city. We have put together a list of hiking trails that’ll leave your legs burning and provide loads of fun along […]

Why Should You Use Interlocking Rubber Mats?

[ad_1] Aiming to improve the horse's convenience within the stable? In case you do, you most likely want to consider the addition of interlocking rubber mats that may deliver a nice living atmosphere for the horse. Find out the things you can do to increase the healing and rehabilitation of your horse after training and […]

Lancaster County Trembles! A New Amish Mafia "Tough Guy" Appears on the Scene!

[ad_1] With the departure of Jolin Zimmerman as the “enforcer” for supposed Amish Mafia kingpin, Lebanon Levi, we are introduced, in the second season’s first episode, to the newest cast member “Caleb.” Caleb is actually Caleb Isaac Meyer and, according to the show, is being tested for the “enforcer” role with a number of minor […]

Why Pit Bull Owners Need Pet Insurance

[ad_1] Why would Pit Bull owners need pet insurance? Pit Bull owners need pet insurance because it's smart and our breed is active and we often find ourselves at the vet's office. Pet insurance gives owners a little extra help when they need it most and it also provides assistance for those unexpected situations. Getting […]

Chinese Zodiac – Personality Traits

[ad_1] Rat Rats are usually considered ambitious, power hungry and honest people. They are known for being quick witted and can be very loyal, loving and charming. Imaginative is another trait however they can be hot tempered and overly critical at times. They can have an aggressive streak and be very stubborn. Female rates tend […]

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