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Betting on Horses and the Exotic Wagering Strategy


One of the most profitable wagering payouts in the horse-racing world is related to the ‘Exotic’ betting options.

How can one possibly tilt the odds in his favor given the number of horses in a race and the enormous odds against picking the top 2 or top 3 finishers in exact order?

This is question that I have been seeking the answer to forever. Well, the answer lies in a statistical process of predicting the top 2 or top 3 horses to finish ahead of the pack based on a standard deviation analysis of past-performance strengths. Presenting these findings in graphical form allows the user to visually see the exotic wagering opportunities patterns instantly. In other words, if you could see a graph that has 2 or 3 horses with positive bar graphs and the rest of the field with negative bar graphs, you have the answer.

How predictable is this process? Given the mathematical permutations of, say a 9-horse race, the odds of predicting the top 3 horses in exact order is factorial 9 divided by factorial 3. Which is 1 chance in 1,102 (same as if you pick 3 numbers out of a hat), if you assume all horses are of equal past-performance strength. Back testing using past-performance strength reduces the odds by a large factor; down to about 1 chance in 50! Now, if you use further statistical methodologies and employ a Trifecta ‘box’ wagering strategy (all wagering combinations (6 of them) of the 3 horses) we now have 1 chance in about 8 to hit the payoff.

Is there a system that filters the options from the 1:1,120 odds down to 1:8 odds? Absolutely!

There are math guys out there who have accomplished this. If these guys can conquer the ‘game of 21’ with 52 cards why not a race with 7, 8, 9 or more horses?

Through extensive research I have located just such a program. This Handicapping system uses the above mentioned mathematical permutations to devise these graphs. Not only do these graphs give the user a visual snapshot of how the horses stack up but it also supplies the user with additional numerical data to further make wiser wagering decisions. You can look for weeks and you probably will not find a more intuitive presentation as is found there.

Traditional handicapping systems rely on so called “Gurus” who claim to have inside info or a knack for picking winners. These programs have little to none actual basis or formula as to how they come up with their predictions. Clint’s Ready Horse Factor uses a proprietary mathematical/statistical formula coupled with extensive data analysis to come up with its results. By visiting the site one can clearly see the difference and what sets this site apart from all other “quick picks” or “daily picks” sites.


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