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Chinese Zodiac – Personality Traits



Rats are usually considered ambitious, power hungry and honest people. They are known for being quick witted and can be very loyal, loving and charming. Imaginative is another trait however they can be hot tempered and overly critical at times. They can have an aggressive streak and be very stubborn. Female rates tend to fall in love easily and worry over the smallest things. Male rates may come across as being very social but actually are very protective of their privacy.


Tigers are born leaders which are very courageous and capable of great love. They are also charming with plenty of charisma. They like to take risks but generally lead a carefree life. Warm hearted is another trait. Female tigers are friendly and outgoing. She will take pride in her appearance and enjoys expensive clothing. Male tigers thrive on competition often changing jobs when they get bored. Males are very head strong and independent and insist on doing things their way.


Dragons are natural leaders which are intelligent, gifted, bossy, loud and garish. Full of energy and flamboyant springs to mind. Female dragons are independent and love to entertain and will be extroverts. Male dragons are creative and like to break rules. They are lovers of an adrenalin rush and happy to live a single life playing the field.


Horse people love to travel and are energetic, intelligent and ambitious. They can be very impatient though and hot-headed. Egotistical is a trait they carry which makes them great politicians and scientists. Female horses are often the life and soul of the party but also just as happy in their own home. They like to work with their hands in many different crafts. Male horses can be impulsive and erratic. They may take some time to settle down as freedom is one of their top priorities.


Monkeys are known to be clever, entertaining and inventive. They are great at solving problems. Female monkeys are bright and can excel at anything she puts her mind too. Flirtatious by nature, and a lover of her social life, which won’t be given up if she has a family. Male monkeys are never boring and are a great social animal. Once he chooses a mate he will be a passionate and intense lover.


Dogs are honest, quiet, intelligent, generous and stubborn but loyal. They are usually honourable people and make great businessmen or women. Male dogs will often thing they know best even if they haven’t a clue as to what is really going on. They are hard workers and good with money management. Women dogs are very giving people who are great listeners. She would make a great nurse, doctor or teachers.


Ox people make the very best friends as they are patient, loyal and very caring. Heard of the saying “Stubborn as an Ox?” well this is true of an Ox person. The female Ox loves to be at home with their family and make excellent mums. The male Ox is usually quiet but confident. He will be loyal and faithful so will make a great partner.


Rabbit people are affectionate, talented and sweet natured. They will not like confrontations or arguments and doing anything they can to be the diplomatic. Female rabbits are often very sentimental and emotional and can be easily hurt by criticism. Male rabbits are cautious people who take time to make decisions. They are prudent with money and slow to settle down.


Snakes tend to have magnetic personalities due to being charming and sophisticated. They have a great sense of humour but can be very secretive and vain. Female snakes will make sure her appearance is perfect and you will find them very sophisticated and bewitching. The male snake can be very possessive and not be so hot in the communication department.


Goats are known to be creative, artistic and passionate. Elegant, warm hearted, honest and charming are all other traits. They are very well mannered but can be lazy at times. Moody is another trait and they do not take well to pressure. Female goats are often impractical, happiest when at home being creative. Male goats can be very fussy but are very kind and gentle people. They make great fathers and also lovers dues to their romantic streak.


Roosters are forthright people who are more than happy to tell you their likes or dislikes. They are shrewd, courageous, arrogant, reckless and eccentric people. The male rooster is very proud man and won’t run away during troubling times. He is cheerful and confident in what he does. Female rooters set very high standards for her and others. Very truthful by nature and a lover of good clothes, diamonds and jewellery.


Pig people are honest, reliable, sincere, tolerant and shy. Kind and impulsive are other traits. Female pigs are very patient, cheerful and outgoing people but love quiet times. Males are generous and sincere but can really be stubborn. He won’t be taken for granted and will enjoy being the host at dinner parties. Pigs also make great parents.


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