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Horse Racing Handicapping Systems Based On The Tote Board That Work


Horse racing systems that work are rare. When I say work, I mean make money sometimes and also pick winners. Nothing works all the time, but some things at the races do hold up and stand the test of time. Using the odds to find a good bet is one of the surest ways to make a profit. First of all, however, you must have some understanding of the statistics that have held up very well and also you must understand probability.

Don’t be intimidated by probability. You use it all the time in your life, but you may not have noticed it or may not realize how often you think in terms of odds and predictions. For instance, a 20% chance of rain is one way that you use odds. You hear the weather forecast then walk outside and look at the sky. Heavy clouds hang low overhead and you feel a wind from the South. “More likely a 90% chance of rain,” you say to yourself. As if on cue the clouds open and the rain falls.

You just beat the odds. That is, you were better at determining probability than the weather guy.

You look at a race and see the favorite has never won at the track and distance and yet, it’s at 4-5. Is it a good bet? You know that statistically favorites don’t make a profit. With that much money pouring in on one horse there must be another horse that isn’t being backed properly. You look at the spread and note that there are three horses at odds higher than 9-1. These are your longshots, but which one is live? That’s when knowledge of statistics and a look at the pools will help you to see which horse is being backed by inside money.

Good tote board racing systems come in several varieties, but they all have one thing in common, they find good bets. It may be that they pick out a good place wager or a show wager or even something in the exotics. The important thing is that it’s staring you and everyone else right in the face. Ever see the crowd of guys standing in front of the tote or watching the odds on the screen at the race track?

Yes, some of them don’t know what they’re doing, but some do. In fact, some are making a profit because they understand how to use those odds.


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