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Horse Track Betting As A Source Of Income At The Races


Many people think of trying to make money betting on horse races. Here are some thoughts on how that might or might not work. My opinion is based on personal experience. As a man and boy I’ve been going to the horse races for five decades. My grandfather first took me to the races where he worked as an assistant to trainers and an exercise rider.

Over the years I’ve studied horse racing and have written several books and handicapping systems about the so-called sport of kings. I’ve won and lost and have found that handicapping and trying to scratch a living out of horse racing can be a humbling experience. It can be done, but it isn’t easy. You have to work at it or you must be extremely lucky. If you’re really that lucky in life you won’t need horse racing to support you. Therefore, in the final analysis, it comes down to work.

It takes research and a willingness to go farther and work harder than others. It also takes money to make money. The old saying, “Scared money never wins,” is true. When you’re under great pressure and trying to make enough to pay your rent or your bills, it changes the way you bet and therefore you have a tendency to tighten up. When that happens, you miss the big payoffs that make it worthwhile.

If you’re in dire financial straits to begin with I’d advise you to find another way to supplement your income. Now that I’ve made those discouraging remarks, let’s talk about ways that horse racing, track betting, can be used to supplement your income if you have the right attitude, a good bankroll, and the will to succeed. The first thing I’d like to point out is that it usually doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to spend some time doing research.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with several good race tracks and several good jockeys and trainers. You can’t possibly know everything about all the trainers and jockeys, but you can know a lot about a few. If you pick those who succeed year after year you’ll have a leg up on the crowd who spread themselves too thin. The big name trainers get a lot of attention as do the top few jockeys who win the big races. I’d advise you to find those trainers and jockeys who are in the second echelon or tier and fly under the radar.

You won’t bet on everything they put on the track, but you will follow their horses closely and know when a horse is rounding into form and entering a race it is meant to win. Those are your opportunities. Using a few good handicapping systems can help as well, but nothing works all the time so you’ll use them sparingly.


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