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Horsing Around With Man’s Best Friend


If you have a horse, and would like to have a dog that will be involved in your horse life as well, you are in luck! Many different breeds of dog get along well with horses and enjoy being in their company. If you are a horse owner, you know what a special bond you have with your equine friend. Well, horses and dogs can bond and have a close relationship with each other as well as with you!

Temperament is the most important aspect in a good farm dog, especially when it comes to interacting with horses. You will want to find a dog that is non-aggressive and comfortable around a variety of people and other animals. We do not want to stereotype any breed here, but some breeds lend themselves more to being great “horse dogs” than others. A dog with a high prey drive is not usually the best choice, not only because they could growl or snap at the horse, but because they may bolt off on a trail ride in pursuit of something more interesting to them than the horse or rider! Beagles are notoriously loyal…to rabbits!

Border Collies are a great breed option when it comes to ideal dogs for horse owners. These beautiful and intelligent dogs have strong herding and protecting skills and have a tendency to bond with other animals they are near. Similar to Border Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian shepherds are also great companions for people who are horse owners. These dogs work well among other animals and are gentle with them, but are protective of their owners and any animals they watch over. Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence and endurance. They are also high-energy dogs with strong herding instincts. There is usually not an issue with these dogs being able to keep up on the trail! They might even run circles around your horse…literally and figuratively! This breed has a tendency to care for other animals they are placed near, including horses. Loyal often to one particular person, these dogs will often stick close and really enjoy the interaction with the person and animals within their circle.

While not traditionally seen as a farm dog, a Golden Retriever might be another great dog breed to investigate if you are a horse owner. This breed is known for its loving and loyal nature and they enjoy going along on trail rides. Golden retrievers are normally very easy-going and get along with most species of animals. If you get a puppy from this breed, introduce the dog to the horse early in their life. They will likely form a bond that will be nearly unbreakable. There are numerous awesome dogs in many different breeds that would make great companions for you and your horse. You need not stick to the typical breeds for barn dogs.

Find a dog that has a suitable temperament and who clicks with you and your horse and you need not look at their paperwork, you will have a companion worth more than any piece of paper! No matter what dog you choose, make sure their temperament matches that of your horse and you should be able to form a long lasting friendship between the two, and a great relationship with all three! You will soon see the dog watching out for the horse and the horse enjoying keeping his eye on the dog and it will make your chores more enjoyable and those trail rides a lot more fun.


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