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How To Tackle Hemorrhoids Effectively


Contrary to popular belief bleeding hemorrhoids can be common and occur both internally and externally. Simply put, there are two types of hemorrhoids – external which you are able to see with your own eyes and internal which in general would have to be looked at by a doctor.

If you suffer from external hemorrhoids, and if they are large, they can be very painful especially when attempting to clean the anal area after you go potty, the one thing you have to careful of is that they are also subject to blood clots.

Hemorrhoids or external piles come into existence due to a blood vessel bursting. This happens just below the surface of your skin. This takes place just near the edge of your anal canal. One this occurs it can cause irritating pain during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids are caused by pressure in the anal veins. The two biggest causes of this are diarrhea, and constipation. Understanding this you need to then prevent this from happening in the future. As a result of your diet will need to be addressed.

Firstly drink lots of water, secondly eat lots of fruit. The main goal at this juncture is to be able to pass stools quickly and easily preventing you having to strain. Avoid any heavy lifting. Get yourself a donut cushion so you do not have to sit on them. Then ingest as much fiber as you can. Do not sit down or stand up for long periods of time. Vary your routine.

Pick up supplements that have horse chestnut this will help with inflammation and as you feel better do a little exercise this will help with blood flow.


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