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How to Use the Stop at a Winner Horse Racing System and Why You Should Use It


Many betters like to follow their favorite jockey, but even glance at the jockeys table shows that very few jockeys show a level stakes profit on their rides. Clearly in order to succeed a system backing jockeys needs to be linked with some other sound basis of selection, the most obvious being the form of the horses that the jockey will be riding.

Selection method – this will only work at one meeting at a time so if you are not at the track it is suggested that you concentrate on the principle meeting of the day.

Go through the entire race program and note the jockey who is riding the most horses, which were winner's last time out. This is the jockey that you will be following today

If there is more than one jockey tying for selection you select the jockey who is currently the highest in the jockey's championship table at the present time.

You can place the bet in some bookmakers on each of the jockey's mounts by filling in the slip as follows-

2.00 Newmarket L Dettori's mount 1.00 win
2.30 Newmarket L Dettori's mount 2.00 win
3.00 Newmarket L Dettori's mount 3.00 win
3.30 Newmarket L Detorri's mount 4.00 win
4.00 Newmarket L Dettori's mount 5.00 win
4.30 Newmarket L Dettori's mount 6.00 win


The staking method used in the above example is a simple but effective one where the stake is increased by 1 point after a loss. A point could be any amount of money you feel comfortable to bet with.

You must put your selected jockey down for all races on the program is even if he is not down to ride in one or more races


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