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Lysine Supplements


The amino acid Lysine is known as a dietary supplement that has amazing health benefits. Although it is a common amino acid, found in many foods, it has been shown that it is only effective as a healing dietary supplement when taken in concentrated forms when you need to correct a physical disorder.

Lysine has been used to help horses and other live stock to firm muscle because it is an agent in muscle building. Athletes or others who may have had an operation or who are recovering from injuries to bones and muscle have shown that adding Lysine as a supplement will increase the rate of healing. Lysine brings a rush of blood to the injured area of the body. Since it does act almost immediately to attack any break in the body, it has also been used as a treatment for viral herpes infections.

Since lysine is an amino acid, a good food source is meat and dairy products. People who are vegetarians may exhibit signs of slow growth, retardation, and other disorders related to the lack of this vital amino acid in their diet. A word of caution about taking Lysine supplements concerns already taking prescription medications for infection. The Lysine supplement with the prescription medication might make your light headed or dizzy as it is a powerful blood thinner agent almost as powerful as garlic.

One good point to remember is that if the tomato was considered to be the love apple or an aphrodisiac, Lysine supplements can be seen as the fountain of youth encapsulated form. The older you get, the more lysine you can ingest without any side effects.

Lysine directly affects all organs of the body that store high volume of blood like the kidneys and the liver. If you have a kidney infection, lysine will target that part of your body as it will also act on your liver. Recommended dosage should be followed and any health problems should be taken under the consent of your attending physician.


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