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Normal Levels of Testosterone Should Be the Same As 1930


When we consider what is normal for our testosterone level, we must take into account of who is deciding what is normal. The fact is that normal for the 1930s is a lot higher that what is normal for 2010 and there are strong reasons for this. Added to the massive drop in average testosterone levels of the past 80 years, many doctors are fatalistic and think that it is normal for men to have much lower levels later in our lives or when they take into account our other health conditions.

The facts are that our Government systems are inefficient because politics is a system based on compromise and so just like when we form a committee to design a thoroughbred race horse we get a 3 humped camel, bureaucracies are a dumbing-down process where ego and influence gives way to what is best practice. It is because of the inherent inefficiency of government systems that big business finds it so easy to bully and manipulate government into food processing regulations that cause most of the health issues we now face. The real fact is that the pollutants and chemicals in our foods, when added to the extra fat and sugars that comprise our foods, that men today have around about 60% less testosterone than the average men of the 1930s.

Thankfully the recent film Food Inc has perhaps woken many people up to what the large corporate profit makers are up to with our foods, and if we open our minds to the solid health benefits of organic food production, then we can reverse the damaging effects on our health and testosterone levels by freeing our bodies from the poisons currently tainting our food supplies.

For now, all we can do is exercise regularly, buy organic foods where ever possible and add a testosterone boosting diet supplement to the multi-vitamin you take each day.


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