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Opposites Attract – Even When It Comes To Horse Lovers!


It is a well known fact that opposites attract. This is why the positive and negative end of magnets will attract each other. It has also been said that two people who are just alike will not last in a relationship and for the most part these statements are true. This is why so many non horse loving men find themselves in relationships with horse loving women.

A non horse loving man that is in a relationship with a horse loving woman is going to have a hard time accepting the fact that they will come in second place to the horses every time. This is why it takes a very loving and understanding man to be with a horse loving woman. There are some men who do not understand what is meant by coming in second to the horses.

Here is an example of the horses coming in first. You have had a weekend trip planned with your wife for over two months. The morning that you are supposed to leave on your trip, your wife finds out that there is a brand new cutting of hay in a local hay field and she thinks that it would be a good idea to stock up on hay before winter comes and the hay supply gets short. You tell your wife that you insist that she get her hay some other time and thirty minutes later you find yourself in the hay field throwing fifty pound bales of hay onto a flatbed trailer when you were supposed to be on the highway for a vacation.

Now many men say that they simply would not allow their wives to push them around like that and ruin their weekend plans, but what these men do not know is that horse loving women are very sweet and nice on the outside, but when it comes to their horses their personality will change and they will turn into an angry bear who is trying to protect her cubs. Horse husbands know that when it comes down to him or the horses, it is safer to just agree with their wives and live to fight another day.

Horse husbands also know that horses require a great time commitment, especially if their wives attend horse competitions. Most wives will leave their husbands at home when they attend a competition because they know that their husbands will be bored and will complain the entire time. This is when husbands get to spend quality time with their friends watching sports or fishing and a horse wife will allow their husband to do these activities with their friends because it means that she will not have to suffer through a hot day at the lake not catching any fish.

While all marriages have their ups and downs, it seems like a horse loving wife and a non horse loving husband make the best couples. This is because neither person will force the other to do something that they do not want to do, unless your wife needs your help loading hay before you go on vacation.


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