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BIO BLOCKER — 100 ML is a effective anti inflammatory and pain reliever used in horse and horse racing. It may be utilized as a pre-race and a coaching aid. BIO BLOCKER is a multi-action formula made as a help in the relief of muscular, joint and joint pain. In addition, it is effective in preventing pain receptors letting your horse or Camel to do to its optimal peak.

TURMERIC — Nature’s very own blocker

Much like NSAIDs, it blocks the creation of this pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (PGE2) in addition to leukotrienes.

It functions on 5-Lox and COX-2 inhibitor which do not impact Cox-1.

Other elements of our Stress Blocker

HYDROXYTYROSOL — a very strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects; this really is a POLYPHENOL.

OLEOCANTHAL -In 2005, researchers in Monell Chemical Senses Centre and University Sciences from the U.S.A. found that OLEOCANTHAL is a powerful anti-inflammatory and painkiller which inhibits the action of their COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes.

DLPA (DL-PHENYLALANINE) — blocks the enzymes which break down the mind of personal painkilling chemicals known as ENDORPHINS.


Give 20ml of BIO BLOCKER IV or 4-6 hours prior competition. If utilizing Bio Blocker IV It has to be handled by a qualified Veterinarian.

Coaching Assistance:

20ml IV or orally before or after instruction as a help in reducing soreness and inflammation.


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