SS 250 (OR SS250) – 15 ML



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SS250 is a product especially designed for racing, has no other function.

Is intended to create increased flow of oxygene, improve breathing, enhance muscle performance and workout capacity. Amplifies the brink of tolerance and pain of the creature elevating the operation rate, and begin burst.
It’s not a good idea to utilize races of over 8km, since the creature doesn’t comprehend the pain threshold of course and may be hurt because of deficiency of exhaustion or proper nervous stimulation when restraining the pain because of exhaustion.
Is quite much like this “SS80″, but that is much more specific to acquire speed following the beginning, whilst ss250 is much more balanced in excitation to long-term. Both may be used concurrently (decreasing the dose of both) and getting a more complete purpose.

It’s a cocktail of vitamins, stimulating amines, ITTP, Inositol, caproic acid and a synthetic amphetamine derivative altered that Isn’t found in race, its own formulation is earmarked, we just know the Principal assets


15 ml vial

The way to utilize it
— Many coaches use it for training, but it´s a modest recommended practice. . Suggested to just use it for race, not for coaching.
A few recommendations to utilize are:
— Don´t use it consistently
— don´t use it over two times each week.
— Constant use isn’t recommended under any conditions.
— Rush following 6 uses, rest for a minimum of 10 days, (though it ´s wise 2 weeks)
— It´s a highly effective solution, isn’t fantastic to create habituation from the creature.
— It´therefore designed for horses and camels, although They’ve Been tested in little race animals (dogs and falcons)
— It´therefore not a Good Idea to misuse the dose
— Hepatic, gastric protection Ought to Be awarded
— The utmost activity of this product happens at 4 hours after being injected intravenously (approximately 5 hours intramuscularly),
— It´s not a Good Idea to utilize races of over 8km

Horse: 4 tsp IV 4hs prior to the race (or 4 ml IM 5 hs prior to the race)

Camel: 3 tsp IV 4hs prior to the race (or 3.5 ml IM 5 hs prior to the race)

If used with SS80, the afternoon of usage should diminish the dose in half ( race day).

Dilute 0.5tsp of SS250(measured using a precision sugar needle) to a 10ml sterile water jar using hermetically sealed (consult us should you want hermetically sealed bottled water).

The jar got, will have roughly 0,0.5 tsp of SS250/ ml water,” Maintain the jar cold, (don’t freeze).

A) The dose for smaller falcons is 0.1 ml of water prep (dimension with insulin ).

B ) The dose to get large falcons is 0.2 ml of water prep (dimension with insulin ).

0.01 ml/Kg of live weight
SS 250 (OR SS250) — 15 ML


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SS 250
SS 250 (OR SS250) – 15 ML