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Ventipulmin Granules 500g

Ventipulmin Granules are used for the treatment of respiratory disease in horses where airway obstruction due to bronchospasm and/or accumulation of mucus is a contributing factor.

Acute, sub-acute and chronic infections where the presence of mucus and/or micro-organisms may stimulate bronchospasm or cause airway obstruction and thus increase airway resistance. For example, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia alone, or associated with equine influenza and other viral respiratory diseases.
Acute, sub-acute and chronic respiratory allergies.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
In cases accompanied by bacterial infection the administration of antimicrobial agents is recommended.

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Ventipulmin Granules 500g

NB – solutions for this medication are legitimate for just 28 days from issue.

Introduction White granules. Every gram of granules contains 16 micrograms of clenbuterol hydrochloride. Utilizations Treatment of respiratory malady in ponies where aviation route hindrance because of bronchospasm and additionally aggregation of bodily fluid is a contributing component, and improved mucociliary freedom is attractive.

To be utilized alone or as adjuvant treatment. Specifically: 1.Acute, sub-intense and interminable diseases where the nearness of bodily fluid as well as small scale living beings may invigorate bronchospasm or cause aviation route block and along these lines increment aviation route opposition. For instance, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia alone, or related with equine flu and other viral respiratory infections. 2.Acute, sub-intense and ceaseless respiratory sensitivities. 3.Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In cases joined by bacterial disease the organization of antimicrobial operators is suggested.

Measurements and organization Administer 5 g Ventipulmin Granules for each 100 kg bodyweight twice every day. This is proportional to twice day by day organization of 0.8 micrograms clenbuterol per kg bodyweight. The granules ought to be added to the feed. An estimating scoop is given the 500 g pack. At the point when full, the scoop contains 10 g. A scored line on the scoop shows a half measure (5 g). Add to take care of preceding organization.

Dispose of any remaining sedated feed. Treatment should proceed for whatever length of time that fundamental. Contra-signs, alerts, and so forth Known touchiness to the dynamic fixing. Clenbuterol may cause symptoms, for example, perspiring (for the most part neck area), muscle tremor, tachycardia, slight hypotension or anxiety. These are ordinary for ß-agonists and happen once in a while. Ventipulmin alienates the impacts of prostaglandin F2a and oxytocin. Ventipulmin is estranged by ß-adrenergic blocking specialists.

Whenever utilized during pregnancy, treatment must be stopped at the normal time of conveyance since uterine constrictions might be abrogated under its impact.

Withdrawal period Animals must not be butchered for human utilization during treatment. Ponies might be butchered for human utilization simply following 28 days from the last treatment. When utilizing don’t eat, drink or smoke.

After use wash any debased skin quickly with cleanser and clean water. This item contains clenbuterol, a ß-agonist. Abstain from breathing in dust. Unused item and holders ought to be discarded as per national prerequisites. For creature treatment as it were. Keep out of the scope of youngsters.

Pharmaceutical insurances Protect from light. Try not to store above 30°C. Lawful classification POM-V (beforehand POM).

Bundling Quantities Screw top polythene bottle containing 500 g granules. Advertising authorisation number VM 00015/4040.


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