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Thief Guide in SRO


Well, AS a thief in SRO, you will need the supplies below:

1. Thief suit: there are 2 types, the 10k black suit, and the 1m black devil suit. Per Joymax there is no difference other than the look and the cost. They come in male and female, don’t forget to buy the correct gender. Can be purchased in thief town.

2. Bandit Den Return Scrolls: These are different than regular return scrolls. They take you to thief town. They also take approx 5 minutes to complete (you will get 3-4 thief spawns during that time). In addition you can move around and attack stuff while you wait. Make sure you have several as you may need to restart. They are purchased in thief town.

3. Transport: Some people like the horse as it’s agile, others prefer the camel as it holds more and has more HP. I use a camel. Bring a few. Buy them at the stable in any town.

4. Hunter Card: Yes hunter card, purchasable at the hunter guild merchant.

5. Transport Health Pills: 50-100 should be fine. Buy them at any stable, 3 sizes, the large do well on most transports, XL is great for Oxen.

6. Friends: Always have some around, while not necessary it sure helps. The higher level the better.

There are a few ways to be a thief. Its tough at lower levels–below 30(SRO powerleveling, SRO Gold). Make sure you can kill any monsters in the area where you are as well as your spawns. Initially I would recommend getting a group of thieves together to swarm a multistar, or even easier, find loot on the ground and take it. When you are low level you will want to hide with your loot while your scroll activates. Lastly know when to say when. 4 stars is tough to handle solo, 5 nearly impossible, take just what you can handle.

1. Here is a typical scenario. I see a bunch of loot (5+ stacks on the ground). I quickly scan the area for hunters (or angry merchants). I buff up and put on my suit and summon my transport. Please note that you cannot summon a transport within 20 second of combat. So if you are in an aggro area kill all of the monsters first. Dismount your transport and start left clicking the goods. Once you have them right click your bandit den return scroll and move away (I’ll go into this more later).

Scenario #2. I see what I believe is a multistar. First I scope their gear. I ask myself can I take them? Do I have zerk (helpful but not necessary)? If yes then proceed.

2. Move away (out of sight), buff, suit up and summon a transport (that stupid 20 second rule applies to attacking anything including traders). If you wait to summon a transport an opportunistic thief or a friend of the guy you killed may suit up and grab some or all of the loot first (remember that hunter card). If their level is close to mine I wait until their thieves spawn then I attack. Hit the biggest threat first then move to the next target. If they are close to a teleport area take out their transport first. You have a choice, you can let their thieves kill the transport (saving arrange points) or you do it. I usually kill it as I want to get away fast. Kill their thieves last and then start grabbing loot. Now get away.

Note: You have a few choices here, kill the merchant or let them live. Usually they will attack you so your choice is made. However I also like to follow the rule “dead men tell no tales”. Kill them all, no rez, as they could follow you or lead hunters to you, thus spoiling your fun.

3. Getting away with the loot.

OK now what? A lot of this answer depends on your attitude, level and number of friends with you. Before you even start thieving find some hiding spots. They are everywhere. They can range from a mountain, the water, a bush or tree, or even an out of the way grinding spot.

4. Take your booty, ACTIVATE YOUR SCROLL, and leave the area. Do not start moving in the direction you really want to go unless you are really confident or in a big hurry. Misdirection is key to not being found and killed. If possible have friends scout ahead and behind you. You can also have one distract a hunter that may be close by. Go to your favorite hiding spot and prepare to fight back the spawns (or any hunters/merchants that may come by).

5. As your scroll nears the last 30 – 45 seconds get on your transport. It has a lot of hp, so if you are attacked you may be able to survive better. If you have a 3 star or better it is advisable to have help. A double spawn with cold bladers will ruin your day. Also should you die your loot is hidden and you can go back. Some people will sit in the middle of the road waiting for other multistars so they can attack and fill their transport, this takes some guts, but can be effective. Once your scroll runs out, congratulations you are in thief town.

How to spot a multistar

One way is to stalk a trade and wait for thieves to spawn, if they get 2 it may be a 2 star, or a double spawn on a 1 star, the only way to tell is to watch for another or put on your suit.. Once you have your suit on you can double click a trader (or their transport). If you start attacking it’s a multistar, if you get a blue message about attacking a one star it’s a single. If you are stalking it is advisable to watch from behind, just out of sight of the trader, but keeping his transport in sight.

Thief Town

This is where you buy your thief suit, bandit den return scrolls and sell your loot. Loot is sold for face value (you weren’t really in this for the money were you?). Selling loot erases Trader exp. There are 2 main NPCs, one that sells thief gear and another that buys loot. The other notable thing is the transporter. Using it is free and it brings you to your respawn point. I recommend taking off your thief suit before you teleport as it resets the cooldown timer. So basically get there, sell your loot, terminate your transport, desuit and teleport.


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