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Two Supplements That Will Make Your Horse Look and Feel Great


In this article I would like to share with you some useful information about equine supplements. If you like reading popular equestrian magazines and if you visit popular equestrian websites you have probably seen how many different equine supplements there are being advertised and launched almost every single week. Nowadays there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different types of horse supplements with even greater amount of supplement formulations.

We've got calmers, garlic supplements, joint supplements, feed balancers, digestive aids, fly repellents, hoof supplements and plenty of other little known products that are specifically created to help your horse out and make his life easier and better. The fact is that this massive choice of equine products leaves a lot of inexperienced people confused. People simply do not know which products are good and which ones are bad and in this article I would like to clear the confusion and share with you a list of two what I call the essential horse supplements that every responsible horse rider should give to his or hers horse.

  • Feed balancer : There are hundreds of different types of feed balancers in the market. Some are specifically formulated for older and veteran horses, others contain fewer calories. There are some that are specifically formulated for competition horses which have higher concentration of active ingredients. At the end of the day feed balancers are packed with all of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your horse needs in order to look and feel great and high quality feed balancer is a must have supplement.
  • Joint supplement : If you have been riding horses for some time now you have probably noticed that horses can develop a wide range of health conditions. Out of all of the different health problems that our horses can develop, no matter how young or old they are, joint problems are the most common ones and as a horse owner you want to do whatever you possibly can to minimise the risk of joint disease . This is where joint supplements come into play. Equine joint supplements are packed with active ingredients such as glucosamine and MSM that are proven to strengthen and support bones and joints.

In addition to joint supplements and equine feed balancers there are hundreds of other types of supplements. I am not saying that they are bad and that you should not buy them, but the fact is that if you are just getting started then you should only invest into products that are proven and tested by time and the two supplements that I have described above are exactly that.


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