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Types of Renewable Energy For DIY Projects


We should all be searching for practical types of renewable energy because the burning of fossil fuels, to generate commercial electricity has a major problem, the whole process is being held globally responsible for the huge environmental damage it is causing, particularly in the emerging economies. The commercial generating process of burning carbon based fuels in exchange for electricity creates, not only waste and potentially damaging gases, but also solid waste that in itself means added problems of disposal. This is particularly true in the case of nuclear power stations, which while a relatively clean and efficient method of generating electricity, it leaves behind enormous amounts of spent fuel rods, the storage of which has global implications.

This all leads to an increasing number of people searching for practical types of renewable energy sources for the DIY home green energy projects, the emphasis is on the green and using renewable naturally self renewing like solar, wind, hydro and wave motion.

World wide sources of fossil fuels are beginning to show signs of either becoming scarce or under the control of diverse fragile political factions and regimes, more difficult and expensive to guarantee regular and affordable supplies. There are alternative viable commercial types of renewable energy the main options are marine energy (wave action), geothermal and hydro power solutions, leading the field globally are solar energy, and wind energy, these are the best alternatives to fossil fuels because they produce no disastrous environmental emissions.

The first groups of options are primarily commercial ventures because of the sheer scale of the investment necessary to produce meaningful energy. However both solar energy and wind energy can be scaled down to a size that is practical to reproduce as a DIY project for your home, and still produce a significant amount of electrical power.

The most popular type of renewable energy for home build DIY projects is solar power, there has been a tremendous improvement in solar cell and panel technology. This allows the average committed home owner to build a system, using the guides available online, that is very economical and very efficient.

The other popular type of renewable energy for DIY home build projects is wind power, which has also made great strides on the technology front, the new designs and materials used to produce modern blades means that more power can be produced at lower wind speeds

The savings will make a significant contribution to the overall household utility bill, if you both wind and solar in conjunction with each other then it could well mean that you can cover your entire electrical needs.

It is vital for the future that we utilize all types of renewable energy in every way possible, reducing our reliance on foreign fossil fuels, reducing atmosphere pollutants and reducing solid waste by products and making use of totally free alternative energy. There is always going to be sun shining and wind blowing all over the world, helping to improve the air quality especially in the developing world where they rely heavily on coal burning power stations.


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