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Using Professional Clockers For Horse Racing Handicapping Services


If you are serious about making profits betting on horse races, then you may also be looking for a way to get an edge on the other bettors. Betting syndicates and big players often use professional clockers to get inside information that the average player doesn’t have access to through the usual channels.

Clockers, of course, are the people who watch horses work out and then time the horses as well as making comments about the condition of the horse and the specifics of the workouts. While racing forms do supply the workout times and some tracks or online services list the workout times for free, they do not provide the insight or attention to detail that the pros provide.

Of course, not all clockers are the same. The best clockers, however, are well worth the money they charge because they have the ability to watch a horse work and to give a very good evaluation of the horse. That kind of information can be used to nail some very good bets at surprisingly good odds.

Let’s face it, the condition of race horses is subject to change without notice and sometimes quite quickly. Spotting a horse that is sitting on a monster race is very valuable. What the past performances tell us is only history, we really need to know how the horse is now, not then.

The problem, of course, is where to find a good clocker. It is such a specialized skill that very few people do it well and they are often under the hire of one or two interests. There are some services that advertise or take on clients from time to time, but the problem with them is that you may not get the best information from them unless you are the top bidder.

To defray the cost of the clocker, I recommend forming your own syndicate and sharing the costs with several other serious players. Just make sure you get a reputable clocker and until you have checked his or her information carefully, go slow and bet lightly. What you should make very clear to your clocker is that you are looking for insight into the horse’s fitness and more than just times alone. That kind of information is what will make your clocker a profitable tool in your handicapping arsenal.


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