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ViaViente – The "Overlooked" Truth About ViaViente


ViaViente Is Restoring Hope Around The World

I simply can’t say “hold your horses” because we are in the information age. What you should do is to hang on a second with this thought. Come on surely you don’t buy in everything they tell you online. Especially even if its about the world renowned ViaViente juice. Learn just how this company actually works and the informed decision you will make at the end before joining will be a great asset.

1) Ready, Set, ViaViente!

It wasn’t a race to youth that made Craig Keeland set out to uncover the secrets of living longer. Instead, it was actually a goal to creating a good tasting antioxidant rich natural product that would be like a wellness supplement. ViaViente was started in 1991 when Keeland made a quest to explore the rainforest of the Andes Mountains. He found the Vilcabambans village where 1 in 64 people live to be over 100 years of age (compared to the American average of 1 in 7,000).

2) The Product A Juice?

You are right if you already know that this company is relatively new. In 2003, the first bottle of ViaViente was made public. This concoction contains whole food tonic that uses pulp, skin and seeds of fruits, mineral water from Vilcabamba and herbs that has a high concentration in anti-oxidants. It costs around $53 per bottle.

3) The Compensation Plan

You can start by qualifying as a ViaViente distribution agent by enrolling 3 other persons under you as “preferred customers”. Since you will be working on a network marketing type of system it is a 3X8 matrix plan where you will need to fill up to about 9,840 DA’s (distribution agents). In the start you earn 3% of your product sales volume. The whole idea is to build a huge team volume that reproduces your success to really tap into the residual income key. As a Gold Director level you will then earn shares in the leadership bonus pool too.

Without The Hype

You can definitely still earn a good income with ViaViente. However, There is the right way of doing this and the wrong way. The wrong way is creating hype in the opportunity. Learn how to do this right by investing in a good online marketing system.


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