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You're Getting Started With Wind Energy


The need for energy is on everyone mind nowadays and so demand for renewable energy is increasing. The world urgently seeks alternatives to the limited supplies of coal, oil, and natural gas. We are moving into a new age.

We can generate wind power in a better way with technology. And due to technological improvements the cost of wind continues a decline. Wind has become a major source of electricity today.

Understanding exactly what wind power is first. Wind power is the transformation of wind energy into a more useful form; think electricity. The conversion of wind into electricity is done by using turbines.

Where does wind power comes from?

Wind power starts with the Sun.

That's a long way from here and it sounds nut but just listen-up.

Yeah, wind power is in fact a form of solar power. How? It is because wind is produced by heat from the Sun. It is widely known that solar radiation heats the Earth's surface but, it does not heat up every part of the Earth evenly or at the same speed.

Think about nature recycling.

Different Earth surfaces are: water, sand, stone, and different types of soil. These surfaces soak up, preserve, reflect and discharge heat at different rates. Thus, the Earth normally gets warmer in daytime and cooler at night. Accordingly, the air above the Earth's surface also gets warm and cool at different rates.

As a result, hot air rises and this reduces the atmospheric pressure close to the Earth's surface that draws in cooler air to replace it. And this movement of air is called as the wind.

Studies show that on the Earth there exists probably 50 to 100 times more wind than plant biomass energy. Most of this wind originates at high altitudes where incessant wind speeds of above 160 kilometer per hour occur.

Wind as our energy is renewable, clean repeat after me; "Earth Friendly".

Wind power incredibly reduces poisonous atmospheric and greenhouse gas releases if it is used as an alternative source of energy to produce electricity. Thus, wind energy mitigates global warming.

Also, wind power is abundant and widely distributed. Generating wind power does not cause soil, water or air, pollution. And this is a significant difference between the wind power and a few other renewable energy sources. For example, nuclear power produces a large amount of unmanageable waste.

Wind as electricity is adaptable to a great extent. When air movement takes place, it results in the wind. Wind has kinetic energy, which is the energy produced whenever mass is in motion. The wind's kinetic energy is captured and transformed to other forms of energy for example mechanical power or electricity by making use of the right technology.

Thus, wind is used in large scale wind farms for national electrical grids plus in small turbines so as to provide electricity to the rural areas or grid-isolated places.


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