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Injectable solution,

Dexamethazone Sodium Phosphate 200mg
Sodium Methyl Hydroxybenzoate 100ml
Excipient 100 ml


Bottle 100 ml , 200mg/bottle

2mg/ml , or 2mg/cc equivalent 0.2%.

Dosage and administration for Race:

For safe application pre-race: IV or IM , 5 ml for 5 days, suspend 2 days before the race

Why horse supplements | Camel Supplements ?

We offer a broad range of horse supplements, making it easier for you to find the combination that suits the unique needs of your horse. Because your horse’s body faces different demands and challenges throughout the year, you may consider altering some of the horse supplements that you feed, to compensate for changes in exercise, your show/trail schedule and the climate. Whether you are correcting a nutritional imbalance with multi-vitamins, maintaining joint health, or bringing calm and focus to your ride, we strive to find the most effective horse supplements for you..

Make your Camel / Horse Fast

With years of experiment, we have come up with many products which will boost your camel or horse efficiency and win the race

Quick Boost of energy

Some of our products are proven that it will Boost Energy of horse or camel to 100% extent to win the Race

Increase effeciency

Proven product which will increase your camel or horse distance covering ability to almost double.

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Last year we took ZERO URI MUSCLE PLUS – 30 ML for our horse just before one day of championship, Believe me or not my horse was the second runner up without training and all credit goes to Horse Camel Suppliments site. I would highly recommend you to take it before consulting on chat.

Laural Fitzgerald

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We offer a wide scope of pony supplements, making it simpler for you to discover the blend that suits the remarkable needs of your pony. Since your pony's body faces various requests and difficulties consistently, you may consider adjusting a portion of the pony supplements that you feed, to make up for changes in work out, your show/trail plan and the atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are amending a wholesome unevenness with multi-nutrients, keeping up joint wellbeing, or carrying quiet and center to your ride, we endeavor to locate the best pony supplements for you.

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Frequently asked question about Horse supplements and Camel supplements.

We do sell Horse supplements from joints and camel supplements. We also do have racing horse supplements, Racing camel supplements too.

We also do have horse supplements for coat.

If you search google horse supplements near me then you will find us easily. horse supplements afterpay. 

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We do sell all horse supplements online and offline mode.

Horses need vitamins and minerals to maintain their overall health and well being. Some pleasure horses or horses with light work schedules, may be able to meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirements by eating only good quality grass or hay. Horse health care is important for horses in training, performance horses, broodmares, foals, or horses recovering from injury or illness. They may need a vitamin and mineral supplement in their daily diet. Proper nutrition, including adequate amounts of horse vitamins and minerals are needed in a horses diet and are a critical component in their overall digestive function.

Top brand name vitamin and mineral supplements like Farnam, Dac or Silver Lining can provide your horse with just the right amount of nutritional balance to keep them healthy and happy. These popular brand name vitamin and mineral supplements and many more brands can be purchased at everyday low prices and come with the HorseLoverZ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Buy the horse supplements you need online today!

Don’t forget the hoof care and first aid supplies too. Horse Camel Supplements carries all the brand names you trust. We also have a large selection of barn and stable supplies to fit any need.

For Camel

Ideal muscle work is basic for athletic speed, force, and continuance in hustling camels. Muscles must have the option to create vitality enough to drive muscle constriction. The proficiency of vitality creating pathways and the capacity to convey fuel to muscle are key factors in execution to: 

Produce supported speed during preparing and dashing 

Produce eruptions of intensity for both an early race bit of leeway and completing rate 

Battling muscle weakness is likewise essential to upgrade camel execution. At the point when the muscles become drained or exhausted, speed and force is decreased. Muscle exhaustion can be an outcome of acidosis activated by H+ develop from lactic corrosive during exercise. 

STORM® Camelus gives a remarkable blend of secured fixings to help compelling preparing, ideal execution and recuperation.

STORM® Camelus joins ProCarnosine®, which is select to Racing Blue, with a pro amino corrosive subsidiary and B nutrients all custom-made to the camel’s stomach related framework through miniaturized scale epitome to guarantee conveyance to the small digestive tract. 

Severe quality control measures are set for sourcing fixings and during produce. Each bunch is tried for determined normally happening precluded substances before discharge at a bargain. 

Deductively Proven 

Widely acclaimed nutritionists have painstakingly detailed this item and the science is demonstrated by examine in mutts, ponies and human competitors. The first research that supports STORM® Camelus was done at The Animal Health Trust in Newmarket by the Racing Blue nourishing group. 


By consolidating ProCarnosine® with pro secured nutrients and amino corrosive subordinates, STORM® Camelus completely bolsters muscle work during preparing, dashing and recuperation. 

ProCarnosine® is just accessible from Racing Blue and is bolstered by a set-up of worldwide licenses covering its utilization in athletic creatures. 


Feed 1 scoop (20g) two times every day 

Stacking period 6 two months 

Feed all through the camel dashing season 

STORM® Camelus is accessible in tub sizes of 1.2kg (2.2lb) and 12kg (26.4lb). For a solitary camel, 1.2kg (2.2lb) gives a 1-month flexibly. 

Quick FACTS 

Quick Fact #12 

Where on the planet are STORM® items accessible? 

STORM® items are accessible from Racing Blue’s merchants around the globe, or legitimately by means of our site. If you don’t mind see our SHOP for more data. If it’s not too much trouble get in touch with us on the off chance that you experience issues sourcing STORM® 

Quick Fact #13 

Have you been offered a comparative item to STORM? 

Any item professing to be equivalent to STORM® Equus, Canis, Avis or Camelus or to have a similar activity won’t be the equivalent and won’t offer you a similar great, virtue or viability. STORM® items are particularly planned from a mix of fixings including ProCarnosine®, which is just accessible through Racing Blue and other synergistic fixings that have a demonstrated reputation. 

Quick Fact #5 

Are STORM® items tasteful? 

STORM® items are truly agreeable and simple to take care of and can be basically sprinkled over the every day feed for STORM® Equus, Canis and Camelus and added to the water for STORM® Avis. STORM® Athlete arrives in a handily gulped tablet structure. 

Quick Fact #7 

Is STORM® exceptional? 

STORM® supplements are exceptional definitions for horse, hound, winged creature, camel and people figured to battle muscle weariness during serious exercise and bolster preparing and recuperation. STORM® supplements are the main feed enhancements to contain ProCarnosine® which is bolstered by worldwide licenses. 

Quick Fact #8 

Is STORM® race and rivalry legitimate? 

STORM® items were rigourously tried for restricted substances during improvement and every single cluster is currently tried for indicated precluded substances before deal. STORM® fits in with the guidelines of hustling and rivalry (see singular items for more data). 

Quick Fact #1 

Is patent assurance an advantage? 

Grant of a patent to a fixing or item requires vigorous proof to help its rumored activity or impact. This is explicit to a specific kind or wellspring of item or fixing being referred to. STORM® has been detailed to contain ProCarnosine®, giving certainty that it has been completely assessed and all around looked into. It likewise implies that STORM items can’t be replicated in the commercial center. 


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We do have many products to solve horse supplements breathing problems . We do have may other medicines as well, you can consider it on your racing horse or racing camel too.

Yes, We have several minerals, vitamines and omega 3 for horse these are those horse supplements boost immune system.. we have 

horse supplements b12

horse supplement blocks

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horse supplements for hooves

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horse supplements for joints
racing camel supplements
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“Silicon is given to horses to enhance bone density/soft tissue elasticity and strength,” says Gill. “Biologically absorbable silicon is considered to increase the uptake of phosphorus and calcium in bone mineralization, and to increase the collagen content from the matrix to create more flexible bone” A large study of Quarter Horses fed silicon experienced injuries than horses not on the nutritional supplement.
The microminerals are mainly critical in aiding reactions in the body. Just like vitamins, minerals never ought to be overfed. Not one of them are safe to nourish except.
Many regions of the country are short on minerals, such as selenium, iodine, or aluminum. Tia Nelson, DVM, a veterinarian and farrier at Helena, Mont., says she saw several foals born this year with contracted joints because of iodine deficiency. “The trace minerals are extremely important in fetal development, and you need to understand whether your region is deficient,” she says. Trace mineral supplements could be mixed with feed or salt. “There is not any incentive for businesses to get the products examined for efficacy, because they market even without the expense of the testing, and the price would go up substantially if the maker had to bring those prices for research into the product.” Regarding minerals, lots of the macrominerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur) are frequently utilized in electrolyte supplements, or they’re fed to their structural function in metabolism (like bone formation). The micro minerals (iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, cobalt, silicon, chromium, etc.) are only needed in very tiny quantities. “A number of them, mostly copper, zinc, and manganese, are consumed and used when fed as chelates (a chelated mineral is chemically bonded to an amino acid to boost uptake from the digestive system) or proteinates (another organic mineral origin ),” says Gill. Every horse can benefit from glucosamine and MSM for horses, that come in easy-to-administer powder supplements. Nutramax Cosequin has equine supplements with ingredients that support connective tissue and joint stiffness, although stress from training exercises and riding can wear down tissues and joints with time. To soothe muscle and joint soreness, let AniMed work its magic with formula and a sweet molasses taste.
Glucosamine is a sugar molecule that is a constituent of joint fluid, and chondroitin sulfate is a portion of cartilage. Researchers have stated chondroitin sulfate functions as an anti-inflammatory agent capable of inhibiting enzymes in charge of breakdown of cartilage. Studies have shown both nutrients increase the action of cartilage-producing cells known as chondrocytes, an activity that is thought to promote fix. Officials have reported horses with joints receiving glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate nutritional supplements have undergone improvement in stride length, and lameness, flexion. Understanding Supplements
Two significant nutrients are selenium and vitamin E for your horses. And for a shiny coat, AniMed CoMega Supreme contains omega-3, 6 and 9 plus vitamins A, D3 and E. Find the ideal horse vitamins and supplements such as mares, colts, riding horses or inventory horses when you shop on line at Chewy. And as soon as you’re done, we will send them! Crandell says it’s important to note that the hoof’s new increase only impacts, and that is precisely why you might not see a difference for quite a while. It’s also why when you stop feeding it, you can not see the ramifications until the new growth becomes visible. With a few supplements you could accidentally overdo certain minerals, like selenium, if you are not sure about the remaining part of the diet’s mineral content plan, says Nelson. She urges that you consult a veterinarian and pay focus on feed labels or nurse to guarantee you aren’t over supplementing. 
However, she cautions horse owners concerning indiscriminant utilization of these products.

horse supplements for joints

horse supplements for joints

horse supplements for joints
There is A feed supplement anything fed into a horse in addition to a diet of forage. Technically grain is a supplement. However, the term has come to imply any additional nutrients (such as certain minerals and vitamins, extra energy, protein, etc.) that may be lacking in the diet and are added into a horse’s ration. Lately, a number of horse owners also have been feeding herbal nutritional supplements and various compounds thought to enhance certain aspects of functionality and health. Some supplements are targeted at feeding the germs of the hindgut maintain a more healthy balance of microbes and so as to boost digestion of roughages. Yeast cultures, for example, are made to help digestion of roughage. Horses more likely to snore are often supplemented with yeast, probiotics (friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus which help break down fibrous parts of forages), and herbs. Proponents believe these supplements enhance feed utilization and have a positive effect on digestion.
Editor’s Note: The following is a discussion of some available nutritional supplement choices. It is not meant as an endorsement of any brand or company.
Some horses are hard keepers runners, have poor hoof development, poor performance, stamina, or hoof horn that is feeble. Other conditions and these issues have sparked interest in creation and supplements of new products. There are lots of supplements–some containing several nutrients, while others contain only a few vitamins, such as thiamine or biotin. These nutritional supplements are available in block, liquid, pellets, or powder form–plus they are easy to grow any program that is feeding. There are numerous items fed to horses to enhance wellbeing. A few of them might be useful, but others may be harmful, and a number of the ones that are beneficial are not without danger. Nelson considers flaxseed meal places a fantastic bloom and is also very good for itchy horses or horses with hives. “However, it may also raise the risk for bleeding,” she clarifies. “Vitamin E will also increase bleeding time, as will fish oil.” Stressed horses, however, might benefit from supplemental vitamin B in case their own production can’t keep up with need, and vitamin C is sometimes helpful if horses are sick, ” she clarifies. Nutraceuticals Bear in mind that”supplements” are just that–chemicals designed to be developments to good nourishment and health management program. Nutritional supplements aren’t benign; if given in situations or inappropriate 17, they can lead to sickness, or death. Talk about your horse’s overall health and, if necessary, talk to a nutritionist.
The majority of these supplements are supplements and some are nutraceuticals. Mycotoxin binders and MOS (mannan oligosaccharides that bind to Gram- negative bacteria like Salmonella) are also utilized in an effort to bind toxins or chemicals that might damage the digestive tract and move them through. Vitamins and Minerals Horse Supplements
“Supplementation with these nutrition is intended to provide additional fortification of diet, as during high-stress levels,” says Gill. Supplementation could be required when poor-quality forages are fed, or if feeding growing horses, broodmares in gestation or lactation, or to correct nutritional deficiencies. She believes minerals and vitamins help in healing tissue injuries, treating disorders, or whenever horses undergo exercise. When using supplements but care must be taken not to duplicate and overfeed minerals and vitamins. Nelson suggests the supplement cetyl myristoleate–an fatty acid with reported properties –like other supplement substitute or a glucosamine. There are regulations that regulate foods and drugs marketed in the United States to make sure they’re safe for humans and animals. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) enforces those laws. Since they fall into class nutraceuticals, however, are unregulated. Thus the horse owner cannot assume a product is successful or safe because it is being manufactured and marketed. Take-Home Message “It is important to note again that all data in the above-mentioned nutraceuticals are anecdotal, and there have never been any substantial advantages found in research studies,” adds Crandell. Some advocates say that it also appears to prevent inflammation in the connective tissue. “Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), hyaluronic acid, silicon, and other nutritional supplements are used to increase joint health,” says Gill. Horse Supplements
It is crucial to know what a product is made for or intended to do and how it works, before choosing to use it for a specific scenario, advises Gill. “It’s also important to not forget that supplements can simply complement a feeding schedule, great general direction, or veterinary advice,” she says. “They don’t offer a complete alternate. Horse Supplements
There are various products designed to improve hoof health, and a few of these are promoted by farrier distribution businesses. Some are feed additives, others are in treat type. Most contain nutrients and ingredients (such as biotin) believed to encourage wholesome hoof growth. The results suggest that you must maintain horses for a time in order for it to be helpful, although some studies have suggested biotin might have consequences on hoof development. Horses with metabolism can put on some weight with the help of PetAg Dyne High Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement, which has 150 calories per ounce to mass up your horse. Using its flavor, it’s great for eaters. If your horse is experiencing antibiotic remedies or anxiety, he may gain like AniMed AniGest Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic which help settle your stomach. Horse Supplements
Wheat germ oil and various vegetable oils and alfalfa include octacosanol (a long-chain saturated primary alcohol), which proponents state improves stamina and strength. Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a compound that seem to assist equine athletes improve function output and recuperate faster, and in addition, it seems to boost appetite. The recognizable MSM is an organic chemical derived from DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide, which is used topically as a anti- inflammatory). The chemical occurs naturally in tiny quantities in the bloodstream. Some horse owners use MSM as a supplement to prevent muscle soreness, relieve arthritis, assist in hoof development, and for a variety of other conditions.
“Probiotics frequently consist of Aspergillus oryzae and yeast,” says Gill. “Yeast culture inserted to a feed ration can help stop rapid changes in the gastrointestinal environment, particularly when high-starch diets have been fed, so this helps stabilize the hindgut. Direct-fed microbials (sources of live, naturally occurring microbes like Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium) are usually fed to horses”
We provide a selection of horse supplements, which makes it much easier for you to find the combination that suits the special needs of your horse. Because the body of your horse confronts distinct demands and challenges during the entire year, you can think shifting some of the horse supplements that you feed, to compensate for changes in the climate, your own show/trail schedule and workout. Whether you are correcting a imbalance with multi-vitamins, maintaining joint health, or bringing calm and focus to your trip, we strive to find the horse nutritional supplements for you. Enhancing Digestion “Many have been explored and many others have little or no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness,” says Gill. “There are several anecdotal reports on the effective use of several goods, but in treating musculoskeletal conditions, behavioral, psychiatric problems, and as a means to enhance well-being and health.”
The B vitamins are made by microbes in the hindgut.”
A good deal of work goes into making sure that your pet has the horse vitamins and equine supplements plays a vital part within it, and caring for a horse. Many horses get all the nourishment that they need to keep healthy when fed a complete diet. However there are lots of occasions where you ought to supplement your horse’s food with something extra. You need to get him up to fat or utilize hoof supplements to fortify hooves that are weak. Or you might have a brood mare that needs vitamin E for horses to aid with foaling. A horse may need horse supplements to take off the edge. Whatever your needs may be, Chewy can fulfill them with the horse supplements. Because high-stress performance depletes some of the nutrients and mineral stores of their body than they can be replaced by a pure diet of forages, horses involved in activities may benefit from some types of supplements. A smart use of particular supplements could benefit horses. Also, many dietary deficiencies in horses are subclinical (not obvious), so horse owners have a tendency to err on the side of attempting to provide additional nutrients in case the horse might have a lack of
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racing horse supplements
racing horse supplements
horse supplements for joints

racing horse supplements
racing horse supplements
horse supplements for joints

racing horse supplements
racing horse supplements
horse supplements for joints

racing horse supplements
racing horse supplements
horse supplements for joints

racing horse supplements
racing horse supplements
horse supplements for joints


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